What is Staging?

Staging creates a measurable and marketable change in the perceived value of a property. Staging doesn’t just make a home look pretty; staging is one of the most valuable marketing tools in real estate. We are there to control the buyers eye and the flow of the house. We focus on the positive attributes and reduce and minimize the negatives of the home.

Nested Home’s Staging Philosophy

Nested Home focuses on target demographic research to better understand what will attract the most likely  buyer faster. Once the demographic is identified we use psychographics to emotionally connect with the most likely buyer. This kind of research will help you determine  how you stage your home. What type of home furnishings and home accessories to choose in order to appeal to buyers lifestyle.

Home staging needs are different for each home and we will be happy to help find what would work best for your property. Nested Home offers different types of services and depending on your needs. Below you will find our simple 5 step home staging process.

1. First Visit Consultation

On the first visit we will tour your house to discuss who the most likely prospective buyer is. ex: Will a young family move in because the school district is great? Once we identify that we will go over the suggested changes that need to take place, as well as pointing out the repairs and furniture relocation.  Changes that will help accentuate and maximize the space of your property so that prospective buyers realize its full potential and value. 

2. Proposal

Once we are done touring your house, we will write up a detailed proposal, which will include staging strategy options and prices. The proposal will be sent to you via e-mail.

3. Contract

Once a proposal meets with your agreement, a contract will be written up to confirm in detail the terms and conditions. The project will start upon receiving the contract signed and the initial deposit. The Contract will be sent via e-mail for your convenience.

4. Staging Day

When the real work begins, we will need to have full access to the house as we will be applying the changes agreed upon to your property. It is recommended that homeowners, agents and sub-contractors are not present on staging day. The designer needs the space to stage the place and have it ready for the Open House. We optimize sight lines, create welcoming and attractive spaces, and go way beyond simply increasing "curb appeal". Your home will be transformed into an environment that buyers can envision themselves living in right away. Instead of seeing doubts and dislikes, people touring staged homes immediately grasp the possibilities on display.

5. Un-Staging

We require at least one week’s notice to turn down the staging of the home.

What to expect when staging your home:

1. Your home will sell faster. 

2. Your home will sell without multiple price reductions. 

3. Your home will stand out in any market segment or neighborhood. 

Professional home staging adds up to 20% more equity.

Staged homes sell faster and spend on average 75% less time on the market. Unstaged or vacant homes sell for 15% less than a professionally staged home.   (Stats from the Association of Staging Professionals.)