Hi, I'm Amanda! 

Owner and designer of Nested Home.

After 10 years of working in the corporate world as an HR Business Partner I quit my job to follow my dream. I've always had a passion for interior design and home decor; as a little girl I would rearrange my parents furniture and redecorate my room. As I got older, I enjoyed helping family and friends create spaces they loved and wanted to come home to. Now i'm helping my clients stage their home to live and sell. 



What is Staging?

Staging creates a measurable and marketable change in the perceived value of a property. Staging doesn’t just make a home look pretty; staging is one of the most valuable marketing tool in real estate. We are there to control the buyers eye and the flow of the house. We focus on the positive attributes and reduce and minimize the negatives of the home.

Nested Home’s Staging Philosophy

Nested Home focuses on target demographic research to better understand what will attract the most likely buyer faster. Once the demographic is identified we use psychographics to emotionally connect with the most likely buyer. This kind of research will help us determine how we stage your home; what type of home furnishings and home accessories to choose in order to appeal to buyers lifestyle.

What Does Nested Home Mean?

Nested Home describes our style. We feel every home whether it's occupied or not should feel like a cozy retreat that has been carefully collected one piece at a time. We incorporate antique and vintage furniture to add depth and character to your space.  Our goal is to inspire buyers to see themselves living in your home and move them emotionally to purchase. My husband and I recently bought our first home in the Grand Rapids area, so we understand the importance of making top dollar in this competitive market and what today's buyers are looking for in a home.

Agent Partnerships

Real Estate is all about the R&R: You can’t be a successful agent if you don’t get referrals, and referrals are all about establishing great relationships.

Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to help their clients property sell fast and for as much money as possible. That is also my goal; let’s partner together to make that happen!